How Riya became an Escort!

Read on Riya's story, how she joined escort job without knowledge of her husband

"The nastiest thing i have done is,

It happened when my husband resigned his job and started a business but it was it starting stage so he have to struggle a lot. We have been struggling for money even for paying our kids school fees.

One day I meet my friend she is a divorce and she is working as a high class escort girl. I share our story with her soon she suggested an idea that she has a client and he is asking for a new girl if agree for it you will get 10,000 and said “today is Wednesday and client will be here on Friday evening tell me what is answer before that” For that two days i was thinking of it and I came to a point. I call her and said OK. She said me to be ready by Saturday morning at 10 and be ready for stay for a night.

I took my kids and left them at my aunt home and told my husband that i have to go with my friend to an hospital and will be back in two days.

By 10 am i was ready and standing at the bus stop where she told. A car came inside it was she but it was not her car. I got in the car there was only a driver and us . It was quite a ride it took around one hour to reach the place it was beach house . The door was open we went inside a old around 60 to 65 years old was sitting there she introduced me to him and him to me he is a big shot a big business man. After some time she said good bye and left. There was one both of us i the big house he ask me for a drink and ask me come to the bedroom and after i entered the room he closed the door he was wearing a shorts and t-shirt i was in an Indian classical dress called churidar and he ask me to get naked and he removed his short and he was not wearing any inner. He ask me to suck his dick i give him a good blowjob till he cum the he started to suck my pussy and boobs tha fuck me. For that night and day he fucked me and when i left he give me 20,000. After that i continue to be a escort girl for many times and till now I continues it. Now with the knowledge of my husband."

What does a Call Girl Job requires you to do?

Now let me guess, you probably think that an escort just goes to the client, have sex, take her money and then leave right? Well WRONG.

Let me tell you the truth. Most probably you will be with an escort agency and clients book an escort for time slots like 1 hour, 2 hours, overnight etc.

So if you go and the client cums in 10 mins then you have 50 minutes to kill him. Its not that you just do your work and leave.

To make it easy for you, I have compiled this list of escort services that you might need to perform for your client


Anal Sex

Cum In Mouth

French Kissing

Vaginal Penetration sex

Pornstar experience

Girlfriend Experience

Cum On Face

Now you might be surprised for Anal requests, it depends on you if you want to charge extra for it. If I go through each point then it will take a lifetime.

One skill that you must have is being nice and friendly. Be conversationalist and talk to them when needed. Make the whole experience look natural to them and they will love you for it.

Few tips: Be good in slow kissing, be comfortable with multiple shots in a time slot. Also getting your pussy eaten is loved my many clients so make sure yo are comfortable with that.

Remember: Your goal is to make regular and repeat customers, and that will only happen if you give them an experience that makes them happy so that the next time they book you and no one else.

Do girls doing escort job gain respect from people?

There are two ways to be nice: Being friendly and courteous to people, and doing things for them.

We can practice the first with just about everyone, as long as they don’t violate our boundaries. As the saying goes, “A smile costs nothing but gives much.” While we’re courteous with people, we can at the same time be selective about what we want or don’t want to do for them. In communication we call this being soft on the person, and firm on the issue. Steve Jobs reminds us: “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.” Distinguish being kind to people from having to do things for them. Choose your giving wisely.

Regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity, anyone can earn respect by conducting themselves with integrity. Gaining the respect of others will not happen overnight, but by demonstrating confidence, leadership, dependability, and kindness, you will be able to earn it over time. Along with those traits, you must be willing to respect other people and, perhaps most importantly, you must also respect yourself if you want to receive respect in return.

Escorts usually keep their job a secret. Also, respect given to a person rather depends on his/her personality in my opinion. Nowadays people care less about what you do in life and more about what kind of person you are.

So, if we suppose that an escort girl is a decent human being in the sense that she is not too egoistic, narcissistic, rude or anything like that, then why stigmatise her? Because she gets laid with people for money?

I think it is rather common among men to be jealous and thus despise these girls for their lifestyle. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that even if people are being disrespectful to a woman just because she is an escort, it is definitely not her fault. Prostitution is the oldest profession and escorts only take it to a higher level.

It is not an easy job either. Besides, judging an escort girl is as stupid as judging a single person who meets different people, occasionally gets laid for fun and enjoys life. People have their own choices, they also have sexual needs that are as normal as hunger or thirst.

I would rather make friends with an escort than with someone who judges her only based on the fact that she is an escort. I think anyone with an open mind would give the same amount of respect to an escort than to anyone else with a ‘normal’ profession.

How much you can earn doing a call girl job in Delhi, India?

The job of becoming a female escort is a very challenging one. We are into it for the past 4 years and till now we have provided escort jobs to more than 500 girls.

So coming to the equation of earnings, for a part timer who is not into this as a employment and doing it to just fulfil her financial requirements, she can earn around 10–20k for each day, depending on her looks, services and time spent with customers.

As we are a network which is managed by good professionals we keep it legit and safe enough to keep your privacy and that is helping all girls a lot.

If you are interested in knowing more you can just mail message us personally and we will help you for sure.


How She joined a sex job and got success!


Escort Girl

My employment background is a fairly typical "starving artist" type: I write (published a few things but not paying many bills that way), I did some freelance work here and there, and whatever other jobs I needed to do to scrape together rent money.

A girlfriend from college was involved with a group of women who organises parties and dates for rich men, and suggested that if I wanted to both make good money and still have time to devote to my work, this would be a good way to do so. I like sex a lot anyway, and have never felt embarrassed or inhibited about my sexuality, so I decided to give it a shot.

No regrets at all. I enjoy the work, I love the other women I work with, I enjoy most of my clients, and I've never had this much money in my life. It's also given me some pretty interesting source material for my writing.

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